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Jonathon & Fiona Whiting Hyundai Excel

ARC built the 4130N chrome moly rollcage for Jon and Fiona in 2000. The car was a lengthy build (as are most race cars) and finally saw competition in 2005. ARC also constructed the alloy belly pan and also performed numerous suspension modifications to allow the use of larger wheels and brakes. All this to provide a more stable platform for the 1600 cc 4 valve engine.
2007: The cage was put to the ultimate test during a violent accident in the Ulladulla Forest rally. During a late night stage, Jon misread a left hand corner and the right rear dropped into a wash away near a culvert. This caused the rear of the car to impact heavily with the adjacent embankment then spear the car back on to the road where it proceeded to barrell roll many times down the road before coming to a holt. During the many rollovers, Fiona's helmet and face impacted the road throught he left hand window, requiring the use of a neck brace for 3 months. Jon sustained fractured ribs from the belts. After the support crew had arrived and ascertained absolutely no damage to the cage at all, not even cracked paint, Jon instructed the paramedics in attendance not to use the jaws of life to cut out the intrusion bars. He would endure the pain and be removed over the bars. After all reconstruction would be easier!
Feb 2008: The car is currently undergoing a full rebuild at Blackshaws Motor body Works in Seven Hills, where every external panel is being replaced. The floor pan, internal body frame, and front suspension and engine remained perfectly in place, a testiment to the strength and design of the moly cage.


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