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Product List

Feb 25

If you wish to download the list, go to the "Materials Supplies" heading in the index to the right of this page and it will take to the pdf file link.


Oct 31

We are delighted to inform you that we are moving to a new location as of 7 November 2023. Our new address will be
Units 3 & 4
22 Walker Street

Thanks to wonderful customers like you, we have outgrown our current factory and have found a more modern space that matches our ambition. We want to reassure you that measures have been put in place to ensure there will be limited disruptions during this time. However, we will be closed between 3 - 6 November whilst the move is in progress, and phone calls and emails will not be monitored at this time. We will re-open from Tuesday, 7 November. If you have any questions about the move, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 02 9838 0032. Please note, our phone number and email address will remain the same.

We look forward to seeing you and serving you at our new location.

Stocklist Update

Aug 24

Our latest shipment arrived a couple of days ago. If you wish to download the list, go to the "Materials Supplies" heading in the index to the right of this page and it will take to the pdf file link.

Sale Of Andrews Race Cars

Jun 18

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me. As many of you are aware we have had our business for sale for the past couple of years. Surprisingly I am not getting any younger, and some facets of the day to day operations of the business have become increasingly difficult for me. Last September we decided to list the business with BCI Group and their very helpful and enthusiastic broker Phil Lyons. With his help, a young couple Josh and Rebecca Stephenson made contact and after a few months of back and forth, today we exchanged contracts for the sale of Andrews Race Cars, the new ownership to take effect from July 1 2021.

Josh and Rebecca have big plans for the business after they are comfortable with how everything operates. I will be assisting them full time through the month of July and will be on call to them until December 31. I will not be completely comatose after that as they have indicated that they would like me to continue on a subcontract basis to keep them fully stocked with wheelie bar kits, anti roll bar kits, sway bar kits etc. Hopefully they will be able to supply immediately instead of the long wait time that happens now as I struggle to find the time to manufacture them. They intend to have a new website with online buying, and have already set about streamlining the invoicing system that is currently in place.

The business is staying in the same location as Josh and Rebecca have leased the buildings from us. They do intend to move to larger premises at a later date to make handling of stock much easier – something I should have done a few years ago.

It will be a big change for my wife Leonie and I as we will finally be able to take an extended holiday after 32 years running the business. Maybe we can torment a few Kiwis where we both came from 45 years ago. I would like to sincerely thank all of you who have helped this little business grow into what it is today. Many who started as customers have become dear friends. I thank you for that.

Rod and Leonie.

Latest Moly Shipment in Store

Apr 28

Our latest chrome moly shipment arrived this morning. It has all been unpacked and warehoused ready for shipping. Filling of back orders will commence tomorrow. A new stock list is available by going to the "Material Supplies" heading in the index to the right and downloading the PDF file available.

Tube Shipment

Apr 16

The old problem of 1 5/8 x 083 supply is rearing its ugly head again. We have nil stock at present with 1100m that was due to arrive today now not due in port until next Friday the 23rd April - assuming no more shipping delays. This will give us around 180 lengths in what looks to be 2 different lengths, 6.55m & 5.79m. The next lot that we have managed to secure is not due out of the mill in the US until mid June, expected in Sydney late July early August. It is very frustrating but there is a world wide shortage of 4130 tube due to the virus and shipping badly affecting European supplies and one of the major mills in the US being down on production as they relocate to a new facility. We will keep you posted!

4130N and CDW Tube and Sheet Stock List Updated

Feb 13

Our latest shipment arrive a couple of weeks ago. if you wish to download the list, go to the "Materials Supplies" heading in the index to the right of this page and it will take to the pdf file link.

Latest Tube and Sheet Shipment in Store

Jan 27

Our latest shipment of tube and sheet has landed and is in store. We will be endeavouring to have everything unpacked today and should be able to start filling backorders late today, early tomorrow.

Christmas / New Year Closure

Dec 17

Well it is that time of year again. We are planning to close on Wednesday the 23rd December 2020, re-opening Tuesday 12th January 2021. If anything urgent is required during that period, email andrewsracecars@hotmail.com and we will see if we can help. We may have to open one day as it is as we have a tube shipment on the water from the US at present - if all goes to plan it will arrive during the break. Our mill run of 1 5/8 x 083 that landed 9th October (and usually lasts the best part of 6 months) sold out a week ago. Hence the US shipment. We have 3000 ft (900 m) in the shipment so should have it back in stock for the start of the trading year. We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and custom during what has been an extremely busy year. When COVID first hit, we thought we were going to be in for a rough trot, but it has been quite the opposite. Business is up nearly 25%. And it has not been only tube. We have also sold out of full sheets of AR2 poly carbonate. Must have been a hell of a lot of you at home not racing or gallivanting around the globe. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Latest Mill Run Arrives

Nov 11

Latest mill run has finally arrived - one more to come current date the 17th November. All we need to do is unpack this lot! Sizes that have arrived are 1 1/4 x 095, 1 1/4 x 065, 1 x 065, 3/4 x 120, 3/4 x 058 & 5/8 x 120.

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