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Company Overview

Andrews Race Cars has been designing and building quality race cars and performance components since 1989. Starting out as a design only service due to proprietor Rod Andrews' structural engineering background and CAD expertise, the company soon outgrew the home garage to where it is today utilising 3 warehouses in Seven Hills, Sydney, Australia. Andrews Race Cars stock everything to build a race car yourself, or can provide you with a complete shop built solution. We are a small company with a big reputation. Please feel free to contact us by either by phone, fax or email.

Contact Us

Telephone : +61 2 9838 0032
Fax : +61 2 9838 0112
Units 3 & 4, 22 Walker Street, South Windor, NSW, 2756 Australia
E-mail:andrewsracecars@hotmail.com use the contact form

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Andrews Race Cars Suppliers

Andrews Race Cars is proud to be associated with the companies whose logos and web links appear in the column to the right on this page. We keep many of these companies' components in stock, or use their services exclusively. Please feel free to click on the link provided to access their websites.

About Our Website

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Andrews Race Cars is renowned within racing circles for the quality of the work that we produce. This website is designed to allow you to effortlessly see what components and services we have available, and to view the scope of work that we undertake.

Customers' cars featured under the 'Gallery' heading, and high definition images of completed work in the 'Quality Fabrication' sub-section under the 'Products' heading, will give prospective customers confidence in the attention to detail that is synonymous with our work.

The services we offer the amateur builder are unsurpassed in Australia. We are the only chassis shop offering CAD drawings to simplify building a car, whether it's complete drawings you require, or just help with your suspension geometry. We have templates for over 100 different vehicles and can provide you with all the tube you require to build your own cage, bent precisely to fit your car. These are not one size fits all type cages!

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We stock over 160 sizes of 4130 Chrome moly and CDW tubing in our dedicated warehouse. We also have a wide range of sizes of 4130 Chrome moly sheet, cold rolled steel sheet, zinc sealed sheet and 5005 aluminium sheet.

We offer comprehensive race car set-up services using our electronic wheel scales and extensive experience.

We offer tube bending, sheet guillotining and folding services, and TIG & MIG welding of both aluminium and steel alloys.

We hope you find what you're looking for! If you require any items that you cannot find on this site please feel free to contact us, as we will be able to source what you need. We have airfreight shipments on a fortnightly basis, and sea freight shipments every six weeks from the US.