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XM Series rod ends new stock arrival

Oct 19

Our latest shipment of XM series rod ends has arrived. All sizes in stock. Large inventory available.

Current Stocklist Update 30/08/2018

Aug 31

We landed a moly order earlier in the month, covering a multitude of sizes, and have a mill run of 1 5/8 x 083 landing on Monday 03/08/2018. The 1 5/8 x 083 is listed in the updated stock list (link below), but won't be available until late next week.


10/07/2018 - New Stock List Uploaded

Jul 10

After the arrival of our moly shipment a couple of weeks ago, our latest stock list is now available. Please use the link below to go to the page where the stock list is downloadable in PDF format.


Early Closure Friday 11.05.2018

May 09

We will be closing at 1.00 pm on Friday 11.05.2018. Orders need to be in by late tomorrow if you need delivery early next week. We need to be able to let the freight company know early Friday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

XMR5 & XML5 Rod Ends added to stock.

Mar 14

Due to customer requests, we have recently added 5/16" shank x 5/16" hole XM series rod ends to our product range (XMR5 & XML5). Large inventory ready for immediate delivery. All rod ends are supplied complete with jam nuts.

New Shipment Of Tube Adapters

Feb 23

We've just landed a couple of hundred kilos of tube adapters to replenish depleted stocks. All sizes are in stock in large quantities for immediate delivery. We have added one new size to our product line which is quite often asked for when upgrading older wheelie bars and still requiring the use of 1/2" rod ends. The tube size they are machined to suit is 1 1/4" x 0.058" wall tube. They will also fit 0.065" wall tube with a minor lick of the lathe on the spigot (0.007"). They will also fit 1 3/8" x 0.120" wall tube if so desired. For our full stock list refer to our web page at the link below.

Closed 12th and 13th February 2018

Feb 07

We will be closed next week on Monday 12th February and Tuesday 13th February. If you need material or parts early next week, you will need to get any orders in before around 11.00 am on Friday 9th February. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Christmas / New Year Closing Dates 2017 / 2018

Dec 21

What a week just before Christmas! Our latest chrome-moly order arrived, lots of tubs were required, and our laser cutting arrived just in time. Our container of CDW arrives first week in January and should be ready to ship in our first week back, We will be closing tomorrow at midday, re-opening on Tuesday the 9th January 2018. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of our customers.

Chrome Moly Shipment Delayed

Dec 05

Our chrome moly shipment which was due in port today has been delayed for 2 days due to the inclement Victorian weather throwing shipping schedules out of whack. We now won't have any of the tube on the floor until probably Wednesday next week. We are not having a good time with shipping at present.

Closed 2nd November 2107 in the middle of the day.

Nov 01

We will be closed tomorrow Thursday 2nd November from 10.15 am until around 1.00 pm so that we can attend Stan Saintys funeral service. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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