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Karen's 1927 'T' Bodied Roadster

February 2009. Work has finally started on the 1927 'T' bodied roadster for Karen, long time partner of 'Bounty Hunter' altered driver Graham Millett. The car will be four link equipped with ARC housing, ARC anti roll bar, Strange axles and rear shocks, Willwood front and rear brakes, and MW front torsion bar suspension. The engine is a Gibson Racing Engines built 390 cube small block Chev backed with a glide. Power levels hoped for indicate that the car should run easy mid to low eights.
03.03.2009. The chassis is progressing pretty quickly with Graham attending the workshop as much as possible, doing all the tedious notching and tube fitting jobs. At current pace, chassis should be complete in around 4 weeks. Welding is happening as soon as sections of the frame are ready, considerably speeding up the job, ensuring lengthy welding sessions aren't required at the end.
24.03.2009: The car is coming together very quickly due to the time Graham is able to devote to it at the moment. Most of the frame is complete except for the rollcage which will be installed once the engine and body are mounted. Photo 12 below shows the finish that can be achieved when accurate tube notching is carried out.
29.11.2009: Progress has slowed somewhat due to Graham having a busy time with his work, and ARC the same. The chassis is completely finished including the cage, and all the time consuming items are basically complete. The car has 2 drivers of vastly different sizes which has necessitated 2 of everything, including brake pedals, throttle, steering columns and shifter mounts. The false floor is complete, housing, 4 link etc done, front axle to go. Fibreglass guru Rob Napier should be finished on Tuesday, and with luck the car will be rolling by Christmas.
August 2012. The roadster is ready to roll. The past few months has seen Karen and Graham burning the midnight oil to present this beauty. Stunning paint showcases this beautifully finished car. If it goes as good as it looks it will be a winner.


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