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Holden Rodeo Extra Cab

Those who have frequented our workshop will be familiar with this Holden Rodeo. During its long stay, the car has been fitted with 4 different engines and 2 transmissions. It was originally booked in for a rear clip and cage, but things sort of got out of control. Ride height requirements by the owner and originally street registration needs, meant that all the original factory crossmembers had to be replaced with higher versions to allow for the passage of the exhaust.
The entire front suspension has been hand fabricated with coilovers used.
The engine has changed form the original Lexus with twin turbos, to Holden with twin turbos, small block Chev with twin turbos to the current guise of big block Chev with twin turbos. The transmission has gone from turbo 400 to glide.
The rear end features a 'Chassisworks' moly sheet metal core with 'Romac' floaters and ARC 4 link with wishbone locater.
The roll cage is 4130 chrome moly mounted on the original rails using custom fabricated out riggers. Part of the brief was that no barwork should be visible externally; to this end the rope rail on the pickup bed will need to be raised to the underside of the back window to clear the tubs and rear frame.
The car is currently for sale.
30.12.2008: The Rodeo finally hit the ground. With the help of Graham Millet (whose wifes car is next on the jig) the impossible was achieved today with the Rodeo being removed from the jig and pushed outside. The car sits exactly as designed, and steers beautifully with zero scrub, even on full lock. It is a shame that it is no longer registerable as it would be a great car to drive. Front wisbone geometry was designed very early on with street-ability and handlng a priority. As the project progressed and changed, this became less of a requirement. The steering column is not installed so whoever buys the car will easily be able to convert it to LH drive for serious racing.


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