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Arthur Yiannitsos Ford Capri

Arthur's Capri is another long term project that ARC have been involved with for a very long time, 13 years to be precise (at October 2008).
The car was originally a 3/4 clip normally aspirated car with an all steel interior, built by a long gone chassis shop. ARC has been involved in helping Arthur get the car to a standard that he was happy with after his early dissapointment with how it had turned out. In the early days this beautiful car was almost scrapped.
Arthur came to ARC when the car failed tech as the top of the roll cage was not welded. After lengthy discussions, it was decided that all the steel interior, inner guards etc. would be removed leaving only the firewall of the original tin. This was covered externally by ARC with bead rolled alloy. ARC installed the strut bars steering etc and modified the struts with alloy hubs and Willwood 2 spot calipers. ARC supplied the motor plates and mounted the engine and transmission. All the interior tinwork was fabricated by Arthur using ARC supplied components including tubs, tunnel, bead rolling etc. The car was painted by Ziggy.
Along the way the normally aspirated snmall block made way for a Racer Pro headed 388 cube small block, backed by a glide, with an ex Con Gatzias 12-71 blower on top, with a Newby maniflold. Arthur assembled the engine and fabricated the headers while Brett Gillespie handles the tuning duties.
The rear end features a braced Ford 9" with MW axles, 4 link, anti roll bar, Strange coilovers and ARC wheelie bars.
The car is to debut soon (as at October 2008).
Update 23rd March 2010: 15 years after starting this car, Arthur has finally made a pass. He secured the first part of his license with an easy 7.98 second ET @ 147 mph backing off. Photo 7 below shows the car on its first launch. ARC congratulate Arthur on his efforts.
June 2010: Arthur acheived his life long ambition and licensed the Capri at the recent June bracket meet. After minor suspension adjustments and only a handfull of passes, the day was capped off with a stunning 7.62 pass @ 182 mph with a 1.12 short time. ARC again congratulate Arthur and his team on not only performance, but beautiful presentation. (Gillespie and Andrews smiling also).


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