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Craig Wasson RX3 Triple Rotor All Mtr.

Craig Wassons RX3 is another car built at home by Craig. The 3/4 chassis features ARC supplied Chassisworks mandrel bent box section rails, ARC four link, 4 link brackets for housing and chassis, ARC anti roll bar and ARC supplied Strange coilovers. ARC also supplied the wheelie bar kit. Craft Diffs fabricated the housing. Micks Metal Craft helped with the cage and tin work. The engine is a triple rotor from Mazsport backed by a 5 speed clutchless Liberty box. The finish on the car is a credit to Craig and his team.
Prior to racing ARC setup the fourlink and scaled the car. At the recent bracket attack, 19th October 2008, the car became the quickest All Mtr. car in the land running 9.50 secs @ 140.50 mph with a 1.30 sec. short time.
June 2010: Successfull changes to the 4 link bracketry, solved the frequent problem with this car, of rear end bounce after shifting in to 2nd gear. After all attempts to correct the problem with IC, shock, and front end changes proved fruitless, the decision was made to modify the 4 link to achieve better weight transfer over a longer period of time. The normally aspirated rotary engine had plenty of power, but not quite enough torque for the original 4 link configuration to keep the tyres applied smoothly. The combination of low torque and a nose heavy race car had everyone baffled for a while. Although ET did not improve on the day, 60 ft times did, and the car did not bounce and was much nicer to drive.


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