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Hercules Kazanzidis VN Commodore.

Hercs car was originally started by John Taverna, and was delivered to ARC as a bare moly frame on a trolley with body sitting on top. ARC extensively modified the chassis to suit intended use, mounted the body and lift off doors, and added a funny car cage, manufactured and fitted the chrome moly struts, steering, engine mounting etc. An ARC housing and fourlink resides in the rear, as does a set of Strange coilover shocks. ARC wheelie bars completed the picture. Construction came to an abrupt halt with the closure of Eastern Creek. With WSID open, Herc continued his quest. At the time ARC was too busy to finish the car so that job fell to Peter Cleary from Pro Racing.
The car is powered by 572ci Big Block Chev built by Sam Fenech from Westend Performance.
The car is a credit to Herc and his perseverance and has rewarded him with an 8.24 sec. pass @ 162 mph with a 1.21 sec. short time on only its 3rd pass.


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