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Trinder Brothers SC/S LC Torana

John and Mick Trinder have built this beautiful LC Torana for Supercharged Sedan duty. The chassis is built to SFI 25.1D spec. from chrome moly tube. The chassis was designed in 2000 by ARC and built from ARC supplied CAD drawings by John & Mick over a 6 year period. ARC also manufactured the struts, fuel and puke tanks, bent all the tubing for the boys as well as providing assistance with many of the small jobs necessary to complete a race car including tub manufacture and interior swaging. The car is powered by a big block Chev assembled by John Kuiper, backed by a T400 transmission built by Peter Connolly at Northmead Autos, then feeding the power to a full floating Romac rear housing fabricated by 'Red' at Craft Differentials. The converter is by TCE. Rob Napier handled the stretch f/glass front and the boys prepped the body and painted the car themselves. The car has a wheelbase of 115", slightly longer than the 101" of the standard car! The car is a credit to the boys and shows the standard that can be achieved in home built race cars. ARC specialise in helping owners who want to build their own vehicles.


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