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Nathan Cowie Suzuki Mighty Boy

Just when you thought you'd seen everything along comes Nathan Cowie and his Mighty Boy. ARC designed the chassis, supplied and bent the 4130N moly tube, and supplied the Strange struts and 35 spline axles for this unique little car. Motivation will be provided by a single carbed 5 litre Holden engine with 'glide. The little car has a surprising amount of room considering the wheelbase is only 87", but it has required some 'out of the square' thinking in some areas. There is only just enough clearance for tyre growth even though the rear tyres are relatively small at 28" x 12". The tubs will touch the tail lights and the hardtop tray cover. The struts have had to mounted inboard of the strut bars, otherwise the rocker covers would not be able to be removed. The narrowest Kirkey seat (supplied by High Performance World), provides just enough clearance to the tailshaft tunnel, and it is likely that a remote water pump will be required as there isn't enough room up front. The chassis will soon be delivered to ARC for welding (at present it is just tacked together), and should appear mid 2007.
August 2010: The little car is complete except for sign writing wrap and re-installation of windows. Licensing to start soon Should be a fun ride with 550hp and 87" wheelbase.
June 2012: The Mighty Boy debuts. In recent weeks, the Mighty Boy has made a few shakedown passes. With help from the Motorholics boys, the car laid down an easy 9.8 second pass at 136 MPH. The car handled well but apparently looks rather small on the start line!


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