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Gabby Curry SS/A 1961 EK Holden

ARC originally built this car for a customer in 1997, but the owner, Rod Andrews, purchased it back in 2004 when the original owner met hard times. Since then the ARC owner has purchased a 372 cu in Chev. sprint car engine complete including dry sump, Rodeck alloy block,and Kinsler magnesium injection. With all the composite panels, the car weighs only 1260lb less engine, box & tailshaft. Complete car should weigh about 2150lbs with driver, and with the 720hp engine, should be good for mid 8's at around 160 mph. This car features many of the components that ARC stock including 'Chassisworks' frame rails, 'Strange' engineering axles and rear shockabsorbers and CDW tubing. Rod will try to complete his latest run right side up. (last pass for proprietor Rod Andrews finished upside down at 140mph at the 1989 Winternationals at Willowbank.)
2.11.2009: After much agonising the decision was made in June to sell the EK. 5 years of sitting around untouched convinced us we could better use the factory space. Graham and Gabby Curry purchased the car in July and the finishing touchs have been added prior to the car being collected last weekend. The front clip and bootlid were mounted, new pedals installed to accomodate the new driver, rear end housing fabricated, and the flush mount system was installed for the rear wind screen. The car will run the small block Chev out of Gabby's S/ST Holden ute. Due the light weight of the EK, it is anticipated that mid 9's will be the norm.
Feb 2011: Gabby recently debuted the car at Calder Park running easy 9.70 ET's @ 139 MPH. Congratulations to all concerned. great to see another long term project finally hitting the track.


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