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Leigh & Margaret Hartill-Law A/HR 27 Roadster

Leigh & Margarets' roadster is another member of the Reynolds tube built frames. This car was built in 1995 and is complete including motor, gearbox etc. and just requires owner enthusiasm to see the light of day! The body came from a Jock McCleod mould and was heavily modified by Rob Napier. The car features a 351 Cleveland and glide.
Update 2007: At build time the car was solid front and rear. In preparation for its debut, the car has been updated with torsion bar front and four link rear.
Update Feb 2011: the car has finally debuted with 4 link and torsion bar and 448 cube Windsor and glide. With Greg Fowler at the wheel, the car ran an easy 8.80 sec ET @ 152 mph.


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