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Graham Millett Nostalgia 'T' Bucket

Grahams' 'T' bucket features the Bounty Hunter body from the original car. ARC was contracted to build a new chassis to suit the body, which would reflect the cars' heritage and meet current safety regulations. The new chassis is 4"(100mm) lower than the original and 10"(250mm) longer, but still recreates the ambience of the original car with the period perfect paint job and original wheels. The rear end housing has historical significance of its own, being the original 9" set-up that graced the chassis of the 'Phoenix' Nitro funny car that toured Australia in the late 1970's. In its' current guise Graham has piloted the car to 8.90 sec. ET's with more to come. We have recently added some early photos of the original car.
Update 2007.03.28 Car now sports larger tyres, downswept headers, Gibson Racing Engines powerplant - and a radiator. Bests to date 8.60 @ 160 mph (250 kph). New photo also added.
Update 2007.12.06 - Graham continues to extract more from the car with new bests of 8.09 @ 163 mph with a 1.14 sec. short time.
Update 2008.07.14 - Graham had an interesting ride when a poorly fabricated housing failed and the spindle came out, complete with wheel, hub and brake. For full description see the news archive. Photo 9 below shows what was left.
Update 2008.10.23 - At his first meeting back after the rear end failure, Graham had the misfortune to roll the car, after a fitting failed, sending water under the tyres. Graham is severly bruised but other wise OK. Steve Thomas' sequence from photo 10-21 below shows a few of the photos of the crash. To view all 29 photos, visit Steves website, www.visualvelocity.net.
The car requires front halving, main roll bar replacement minor steering repairs etc. The body (which is not the original Bounty Hunter body but a lighter copy) was not severely damaged.


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