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Junior Dragsters

Andrews Race Cars was a leading force during the formative years of junior dragster racing in Australia. To this day ARC still builds the most innovative chassis and body designs that have been seen in this country. Our chassis, consistently out perform others in both 60 foot and ET. We have also modified many existing junior dragsters to accomodate our successful rear end design. ARC chassis also cater for the larger driver. The photos of the black car (ARC in house car of the the late '90's) feature Top Fuel pilot of the day Jim Read driving the Andrews Race Cars junior dragster to 11.50 1/8 mile times at Canberra during the Junior Dragster Titles of 1998. Jim is 1.8m tall and weiged 85kg. (ARC proprietor Rod Andrews' son Garth is shown in one picture, guiding Top Fuel legend Read in to stage. Current Fuel pilot Terry Sainty is in the far lane in the GB Driveways car. Terry won!) Chassis plans for a junior dragster are also available from ARC. The design has limited bent tubing and is very easy for the amateur to build. Bodywork is our specialty as can be seen in the bodies on both 'Violent Rumble' & 'Thats Life'.


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