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Mark Flowers SC/O 1951 Austin Ute

Mark's car is another fine example of an owner built car. ARC designed the car and provided Mark with a full set of CAD drawings for Mark to follow. ARC also bent all the tubing, provided all the fourlink bracketry and components and provided numerous other services including alloy work and welding. Best E.T. 7.89 secs.
August 2007: Mark improves to 7.41 second ET after installing a new front on the car. The original steel front was destroyed when the chute deployed under the wheelie bar and turned the car into the WSID concrete walls in the braking area. Mark took the oportunity to reduce weight by mounting ARC supplied Strange struts, installing a fibreglass nose and removing the 200lb of rear ballast that was counteracting the heavy steel front and doors (The doors had been replaced with fibreglass ones earlier in the year).
The total weight reduction was around 330lbs, resulting in the greatly improved performance. Short time improved to 1.08 seconds.
November 2007: Unfortunately, Mark has tagged the wall again in another chute related incident at Willowbank. Another rebuild is under way.


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