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Con Gatzias / Craig Anderson BB/Gas 1971 Holden Torana

Con's Torana was originally built in the late 1970's by Roy Thomas for E/Gas duties running low tens, high nines. It was one of the first four link cars in Australia, as previously most cars including the Pro-Stock cars of that era were ladder bar. When Con purchased the car in 1993, a complete rebuild was undertaken, which included replacing parts of the old chassis, new ARC struts, wing, new tin, etc. To everyones surprise the car ran straight and true for a 7.60 E.T. and 179 mph. with small block Chev., Rootes blower and 3 speed Lenco. The car ran for a couple of meetings with a PSI supercharger as depicted in the photo, but a catastrophic engine failure put the car out of action for a number of years. Over the past couple of years further work has been done to the car including a new, more modern ARC fourlink, PSI blower and dry sump. Car will re debut in early 2006.
The car re-debuted mid 2007 with Alf Sciacca at the controls. On his second licensing pass, Alf recorded a lazy 8.00 second pass and the reported that the car was beautiful to drive.
Con sold the car in early 2008 and it is currntly in the hands of Perth based racer Craig Anderson. At the recent Goldenstates 14th/15th November 2008, Craig continued licensing. Photo 14 shows the car burning out in the hands of its new owner.


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