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Jeff Hislop / Kevin Hort / Greg Damiani SS/A 1971 Holden Monaro

Jeffs Monaro started life as a genuine 1971 350 Chev. powered Bathurst Monaro, (the original compliance plate is attached to the dashboard) that Jeff purchased when the car was only 10 months old. From that time it has progressed from a modified street car with small block (running the old A/Street class for a time); to a 3/4 car with Big Block Chev for motivation, to the full tube car that it is today, still with Big Block power. This is another of the cars that Andrews Race Cars has built using Reynolds 531 tubing, and was awarded ANDRAs Best Engineered award at the 1998 Winternationals from a field of 560 vehicles, still to this day the largest field ever assembled at an ANDRA National event. Best E.T. 8.68 secs @ 156 mph.
Nov 2009: New owner Kevin Hort from Perth recently debuted the car after removing nearly 80lbs in weight. The result was the bettering of previous bests for the car, with a new best ET of 8.67 secs and 157 mph.


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