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Garth Bell 1969 Dodge Dart

This is Garth's latest project (among others). The car has been heavily influenced by mid '60's Funny cars, but this one is going to be registered. ARC was commissioned to undertake the transformation from street cruiser with small block to its current guise. ARC fabricated the beam axle using custom designed CNC'ed king pin housings and s/s hot rod spindles to take the DBA rotor/ Willwood calliper set-up. Land Rover springs were found to be the right length, and the front rails were extensively modified to accept the lower steering box location and gussetted stiffeners in the front wheel arches, to replace the original 'K' member. Subframe connectors, a moly cage, rearaxle relocation and ARC leaf spring traction bars complete the package. Bonyrigg Smash Repairs performed the flawless panel and wild metal flake paint. The big block wedge Chrysler is almost ready to go as is the front mounted 'Bill's' style tank. Original Cragars are the finishing touch.
Update September 2007: Garth achieves his aim with full NSW street registration. To date best ET 11.90 @ 110 mph with 1.60 60 foot time. The short time is very impressive for the ET. Shows why these cars where built with such a nose high attitude years ago when race tyres were retreaded truck tyres.


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