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Robert Broadbent /Peter Blake Top Doorslammer Holden Statesman

Roberts' Holden Statesman was built by ARC in 1995 to Altered Production rules as Top Doorslammer was not a category at the time. It originally ran with a McGee 4 valve engine, Wipple supercharger and 4 speed Lenco. The engine was not without its problems in the oiling department, which necessitated a dry sump system being fitted. The McGee engine initially used in the car was 426 c.i. and it easily revved to 9400 RPM. When Top Doorslammer came in, the engine capacity was too small for the weight break forcing Robert to upgrade the engine to 526 c.i. In its new guise it would not rev over 8000 RPM. The heads simply would not pass enough air for this capacity engine. Unfortunately the design of the heads did not allow any improvement either. (Steve Harker had similar problems with his funny car whilst using this engine and he subsequently replaced it with a more conventional Chrysler style alcohol engine). Roberts' car however managed to run 6.91 secs. at 204 mph with a 1.06 short time, in 1998. Robert then decided that he would need to source a different engine. Stan Sainty was developing his 3 valve engine for alcohol use and Robert decided to purchase one. The car was out of action for a number of years as Robert waited for his alcohol version of the Sainty 3 valve to be ready. After fitting and still in the sorting stages the car ran 6.81 secs. @ 212 mph at Calder Park before it closed. Unfortunately the car made heavy contact with Willowbank's concrete walls about 3 years ago after suffering severe tyre shake at one of the Top Doorslammer rounds. The car has been repaired and is almost ready to re-appear still with the Sainty engine but with a new PSI blower aboard.
Post script: The car re-debuted for testing at July 9th 2006 test day. At the recent test and tune on August 6th 2006, Roberts' son Peter Blake took the controls for some licensing passes and achieved an almighty 0.999 short time on his second only pass. Roll on August 27th when Peter will continue his quest.


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