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Garth Bell 1953 FJ Holden Ute

This is the car that started it all for ARC. Up until the time of this cars construction in 1993, ARC had been a design only company utilising the proprietor's (Rod Andrews) structural engineering background, to CAD design vehicles for others and to optimise chassis settings on a computer, which up until this point in time had largely been a manual operation. Garth was extremely pleased with the design (which was a little contoversial at the time due to the fact that no barwork went through the back window) but wanted someone to build the car who understood how it was going to work. He proposed that ARC build the car with him providing the finances to purchase what was necessary to undertake the task. The results speak for themselves. The car garnered ANDRA's best engineered award at the 1994 Nationals at Calder Park and the business took off from there. The car had both big and small block Chev engines for motivation during Garths first tenure as owner, going 9.30 @ 147 on the D/Gas index of 9.74 in 1994. The car was subsequently sold and ran for a while with a blown big block, before Garth re-purchased the car and installed a triple rotor with blower (not quite what the GM boys wanted).
Early 2006: The car has recently been sold again, this time to Darren Mood of Mood Motorsport. On the 31st May 2006, Darren made his maiden pass in picture perfect conditions. At the Nitro Champs test and tune, Darren recorded a 8.90 sec. ET @ 152 mph with a 1.26 sec. short time. Car is now powered by a 800hp, 400ci injected small block chev with glide.
Mid 2007: Garth Bell has purchased the rolling car back from Darren Mood and is currently preparing the car for duties in its latest guise. The image at the start of the 4th row below, shows the latest powerplant to grace the engine bay. It is a 3 litre Toyota Supra 2JZ engine prepared by GAS Motorsport in Sydney. The engine features a Titan Motorsports cylinder head, topped with a F3R Pro Charger and Haltech electronic engine management system. The engine is backed by a BMS glide. The engine is shown on the new GAS Motorsport engine dynomometer. The car has recently been to ARC for the installation of an anti roll bar to cope with the extra ponies expected. The car has just come back from Bonnyrigg Smash where it received a new coat of paint in preparation for the Summernats, where the car will feature on the Haltech stand.


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