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Circlip Installation

Added on 2010-01-15

Highslide JSIn the photo, the cirlip on the left has its radiused side up, the one on the right has its sharp side up.On a daily basis I find incorrectly installed circlips. Many racers do not realise that there is a right way and a wrong way to install them.

All cirlips are manufactured using a stamping process. This process leaves a 'radiused' edge on the side closest to the cutting tool and a 'sharp' edge on the side away from the cutting tool.

Highslide JSCircip is installed in housing with the 'sharp' side facing up. Retained object is not in place in this photo.Circlips should always be installed with the 'radiused edge facing the object to be retained. This ensures that if the object being retained exerts any thrust against the circlip, the 'sharp' edge will be forced into the groove and help prevent the circlip being accidently ejected. The photo at right shows one of our anti roll bar mounts, (which normally contains an Aurora COM10T spherical bearing) with circlip installed. The 'sharp' edge of the circlip is facing upwards.